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Step into a world of nostalgic charm with Kool Kone, a beloved icon of Wareham, Massachusetts for over half a century! Perched along the bustling east side of Hwy 6 (Marion Road), this ice cream haven is hard to overlook. Just imagine a large, maroon building that practically shouts “sweetness ahead” with “Kool Kone” emblazoned in enormous, inviting white letters. And it’s not just the name that catches the eye—flanking the entrance, you’ll spot a whimsical stick figure man, each hand jubilantly holding an ice cream cone, as if saying, “Come on in and chill out!”

Whether you’re a local or just cruising through, Kool Kone is your go-to spot for a frosty treat that spins the dial back to the golden days of summer. So why resist? Swing by and let your taste buds dive into a delightful escape that’s been making waves in Wareham for decades!

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